Program for Hackbeach 2015

Unscheduled events
Tummala Dhanvi

Introduction to CTF

presented by Tummala Dhanvi

This talk is a Introduction about what a CTF is and different types of challenges generally found in the CTF what are write-ups

how to get started with Cyber Security, Online courses available etc..

Anjali Menon and Aparna K.

How to get started with Linux kernel contributions

presented by Anjali Menon and Aparna K.

Introducing the prerequisites before contributing i.e basic commands of git, linux commands. Regarding installation of linux kernel. Finding and fixing bugs using and sending the mail from the command line.

Srinivas Kodali

Hacking Cities
Understanding Cities through Data

presented by Srinivas Kodali

Cities have out grown in the past two decades, understanding cities and urban issues was an anthropological study. But these approaches cannot be used in the modern age of over population and changing trends. People are now using large data sets being generated to understand patterns in every form of life. The talk is to show the various practices being carried out and my approach of understand...


Srinivas Kodali

Everything about General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS)
Hands on session with the data standard

presented by Srinivas Kodali

The workshop is to introduce General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS), a defacto standard for storing transit data around the world. Transportation data of public transport agencies is an important data required to make transit apps, for research on cities and transport networks. This workshop is a hands on session on explaining the data standard with GTFS datasets of Indian Transit agencies....



HackBeach Quiz
Quizzing is fun

presented by Nemo

I did a quiz at HH1 and it was pretty well received. Slides.

This is a similar quiz I'm planning for hackbeach. Everyone is welcome. The quiz will cover topics ranging from Technology, Arts, Popular Culture, History and everything in between. This is a team event, but teams are usually made on spot so don't worry about that.

Team Size: 2-...


ark Arjun

Mapping efforts in an unsurveyed land - Koorachundu Village Panchayat experience
An openstreetmap approach

presented by ark Arjun

An openstreetmap approach carried out to develop the map of Koorachundu village panchayat More Details: