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Navya M

from Freelancer

I am a regular married( yeah ! ) and confused ( most of the time) human. I am an Engineer by Qualification but have tried many different job profiles ( Research, Software developer, Writer and currently into Digital Marketing). I stay in Bengaluru. I am highly passionate about Music. You can catch me singing on listening to music most of the time.

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Many people seem interested in the idea of freelancing. It sounds exciting! Be your own boss, involve in projects of your choice,handle multiple projects at a time, work for 6 months and travel the next 6 months. An easy way to earn quick money? Let me tell you, It is not easy or as exciting as it sounds! I am sure many freelancing enthusiasts ( who are in a regular job but want to switch to freelancing) would not know so much about freelancing. So I am going to share my experience of freelancing and what have I learnt so far.

30 min
Hackbeach 2016