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the founder mdg volunteers kenya ,Mozilla rep and Ambassador Netsquared East africa

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Mobile solar computer classroom project aims to empower communities especially the most disadvantage mostly the girls and women . with mobile solar computer classroom we aim to reach out to community centers and libraries through out west Kenya.many remote places we aim to reach have no infrastructure to support typical computer installation. the project aims to provide computers and internet training and to show new possibilities to these communities alternative power source and to inspire community leaders to invent in new technologies for economic development the project aims to Supporting women in technology Increasing web literacy Supporting gender equality and inclusion online we strives to build and support an equitable and inclusive online world for everyone. To do this, we want to challenge the existing gender imbalance that exists and create an online space where we can reach gender equality at scale. We want to help shift the default to one where women have a strong, equitable role in reading, writing and participating on the web—and, ultimately, help lead the next wave of openness, innovation and opportunity online.

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Hackbeach 2016
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