Presented by:

a computer programmer that makes DIN Is Noise.

No video of the event yet, sorry!

a fast tour about: vibrating loudspeakers thru computer programming, sculpting waveforms with bezier curves, attacking and decaying notes, bending notes like the veena / blues guitar, droning notes, droning on any pitch, drone clusters, visual drone modulation, balls in boxes that trigger notes/any pitch, splitting these boxes, balls that break walls and ceilings, balls that heal these, sitting back and let this virtual process make sounds, binaural drones for consciousness alteration when drugs that do the job are scarce ;) and more.

concepts will be demoed with my own software called DIN Is Noise, i've worked on this for 11 years and have managed to more or less ruin my life ;) you can download an evaluation for Windows and Mac OS X at however, the otaku among you may build the complete source code for GNU/Linux [a live usb distribution of GNU/Linux with DIN & development tools maybe available) and oh, bring your pet computer mouse and your headphones for the binaural drones!

2017 November 26 - 19:00
1 h
Main Room
Hackbeach 2017