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Cherry G. Mathew

from K E Kalari (കോ വ കളരി)

I love tinkering with stuff. I'm a fan of the biggest tinkerer of them all - mother nature.

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Most of us are used to transferring money to friends online. But it's such a cumbersome process (imagine transferring money to friends overseas ?) with so many robber intermediaries charging crazy transfer fees, that we often just ask our friends to "roll" some cash for a while until we can pay them back. Eg: someone goes overseas and you want them to buy a new phone etc.

I propose "roller" - an application that was inspired by the Indian government's dishonouring its central bank's written promise on found on all Rupee notes.

What if your friend was more reliable to keep the promise "to pay the bearer the sum of X rupees" than the reserve bank governor ?

I have a basic protocol developed after long discussions with fox and abhi - this talk will give a summary of the idea, and seek ideas and criticism.

2017 December 1 - 18:00
30 min
Main Room
Hackbeach 2017