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Ishaan is a research student and an Open Source contributor to many organizations , his main area of interests are Advanced Algorithms and Machine Learning .He has given a few talks previously at conferences and summits . He is a programmer in Beta and an intern at Singularity team at

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This is about Singularity containers being built by , users of singularity can build applications on there desktop and run hundreds of thousands instances without changes on any public cloud . As an open-source project, Singularity accepts input from developers located anywhere in the world. To contribute, simply search for the Singularity project on GitHub and submit a pull request. Singularity’s command line interface allows you to build and interact with containers transparently. You can run programs inside a container as if they were running on your host system. You can easily redirect IO, use pipes, pass arguments, and access files, sockets, and ports on the host system from within a container.

2019 May 23 - 16:30
30 min
Garden Area
hillhacks 2019
Unconference and Setup