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Hi All, I am Kartik and am very glad to introduce myself to your esteemed community. Just after graduation in 2015, I worked for Bing Search Engine team for a couple of years and since then have been working on my own venture here in Noida. We work as a product house, who also provide specialized services if and when needed, in the domain of Web Technologies and IoT.

I am an aspiring developer advocate, DIY enthusiast, a little extrovert and also a flexible opinionated guy.

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There is a huge pool of clean, categorized, context-rich data on the web, any ML engineer's dream

  • We will first discuss what is a Knowledge Base/Knowledge Graph
  • Technology used/basic underlying components
  • Introduction to Wikidata - A Data repository
  • SPARQL - A query language for the Semantic web
  • Running few live queries on Wikidata

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2019 May 25 - 11:00
30 min
Garden Area
hillhacks 2019
Main Conference (24-27 May)