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Hi All, I am Kartik and am very glad to introduce myself to your esteemed community. Just after graduation in 2015, I worked for Bing Search Engine team for a couple of years and since then have been working on my own venture here in Noida. We work as a product house, who also provide specialized services if and when needed, in the domain of Web Technologies and IoT.

I am an aspiring developer advocate, DIY enthusiast, a little extrovert and also a flexible opinionated guy.

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Well, we could think of computes as the most fundamental observable unit in the physical world.

Over the last few decades, we have come to a conclusion that our universe, as we know it is "alterations" (there is a better word) in the fundamental fields, but when we try to observe these values as particles, we have limitations. I want to argue here that if instead of studying them as particles, a much more productive and useful endeavor would be to study them as computes.

Why Computes

This provides us with a much practical way of understanding these physical manifestations of the real world. So, if we think about this for a minute, what it would mean is, There are billions and billions of computes running, and the tick rate of this is the speed at which our universe operates, and the final outcome of any event, is the cumulative of all the computes.

I would like to add a concept of self-referential computes here early on. These are the computes, that have the potential of affecting the outcome of their own future computes. These evolved systems of self-referential compute are we call 'living'

as compared to 'non-living' compute systems.

2019 May 27 - 16:15
30 min
Room 1 Ground Floor
hillhacks 2019
Main Conference (24-27 May)