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Hi All, I am Kartik and am very glad to introduce myself to your esteemed community. Just after graduation in 2015, I worked for Bing Search Engine team for a couple of years and since then have been working on my own venture here in Noida. We work as a product house, who also provide specialized services if and when needed, in the domain of Web Technologies and IoT.

I am an aspiring developer advocate, DIY enthusiast, a little extrovert and also a flexible opinionated guy.




I enjoy playing with Hardware and Software. As a matter of fact, Hardware and Software modification is my playground.

I have made an Artificial Intelligence Algorithm which got recognisaiton from MIT, USA. In addition to that, I am involved in various other community programs like Google Developer Group (GDG), Intel Makeathons, eChai programs, etc. I also enjoy sharing my learning with enthusiastic learner across the globe.

In a nutshell I am explorer, innovator and a technological evangelist.

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Living Audio Files: ListenTree @ Bir

This is based on an MIT Media Lab project: ListenTree


The setup would require us to weatherproof a transducer exciter, connect it to an audio amplifier circuit and attach it to the root of the tree. We have been experimenting with a few different transducers that we were able to arrange from our local ecosystem for testing.

We plan to install these at specific location in Bir. 3 shortlised till now * Near Bunker * Zostel * Musafir Cafe


The audio files that we would use would be based on a central theme. The current idea is in the direction of having people from the past talk to us using the trees. eg Steve Jobs Tree

2019 May 27 - 15:00
1 h
Garden Area
hillhacks 2019
Main Conference (24-27 May)