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I'm a designer interested in experimenting with emerging media and technologies (mostly) for the purposes of storytelling. Some of my previous works explore ideas around Intelligent User Interfaces, Politics of technology, The relationship of technology and human experience mostly through film and fictional products.

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"Designing objects for sparking public imagination” is (in a way) an introduction to discursive and speculative design.

The meaning intended with “sparking public imagination” is not of making something viral; But, of a collective coming together to discuss, debate and imagine ideas. The intention of the workshop is to build/imagine artefacts that are thought catalysts. When people interact with these artefacts, we hope to transport them to narrative worlds where ideas/futures are presented. The artefacts exist in the space between science fiction and reality and are designed for immersion, provocation and wonder. They are from a world which is (in a way) a caricature of the social, political, environmental and economic settings of our world.

During the workshop, we would discuss of ways we could make such artefacts. And, Look for inspiration at some projects that have aimed to do the same. The author would share some methods that help him in his process of making such artefacts. Participants would be encouraged to present their ideas in posters (*the medium of expression is open) of their artefacts at the end of the workshop.

2019 May 26 - 15:00
1 h
Garden Area
hillhacks 2019
Main Conference (24-27 May)
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