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Inspite of the JIO boom, in many parts of rural India, internet connectivity is still poor. In some cases non-existent. Folks living here, don't get to fully enjoy the perks of modern information sharing systems, like the internet. It was in this context, that some very experience folks working in the social sector, & I got talking.

What that resulted in, was an experiment, honestly, to see if the Raspberry Pi could be used to setup a kind of local internet, that enables knowledge sharing amongst the people of a village, in various contexts. The PiFi came out of this, and we have been iteratively building upon it, and so far, have tested it for 2 different use cases.. It’s still in its early stages, but we are learning plenty from it.

In this talk, I was hoping to share this pleasant, accidental journey so far, and also share our plan and roadmap for the immediate future. I would like to structure this ‘talk’ not as a ‘talk’ but more of a ‘discussion’, where in, I share what I have learnt from this project so far, and maybe other folks can share their thoughts / experiences if they have worked in a similar space. I’m just hoping to start a conversation with a wider community about the PiFi, and allow the ideas, collaborations etc, to come out of it as they must.

2019 May 26 - 10:30
30 min
Garden Area
hillhacks 2019
Main Conference (24-27 May)