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Automating things for web and mobile is my passion. I am very passionate to learn as well as implement leading-edge technologies. A total geek in development of applications whether it is a beautiful UX web/mobile application or a large scale business application. Very comfortable to work under pressure. Able to handle heavy workload without losing quality of work.

As Front-End Jedi:

  • Try to pixel perfect UI/UX designers' mock ups/wire frames.
  • Combine designer's design and back end developer's work.
  • A very good SVG SMIL Animator, CSS Animator and explorer of web animations.

As Back end geek:

  • Design architecture of any application.
  • Follow of most objective oriented practices, best practices.
  • Break functionalities to components and building beautiful code for each one of them.

As Android Ninja:

  • Build awesome apps with different types(Size and OS) of devices.
  • Give a great user experience to end users.
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World is moving to IoT applications and it's usage, Every device is turning into smart one.


IoT devices sends data to server at some timespan, how could it amaze you if server sends response/acknowledgement of that data being received. That's what MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) protocol is, built on the top of tcp protocol itself with some cool improvisations and features.


All those data residing at your data servers, there should be some way to access that data and present in nicest way possible to your application's end user. That's why the HTTP API part, to access data from any web/mobile application and design in required format.


Node-Red is open source community project carried out by enthusiastic developers, basically it is a Framework built on top of Node.js. Which enables any developers to build node applications, http apis, mqtt apis, schedulers, functions etc, and drag and drop UI of Node-Red works like cherry on a vanilla cake. Learning curve of Node-Red is very less and usability gives wings to developers so that they can be done in no time and have their product environment up in few hours.

In this talk, I want to showcase all the features of Node-Red to build MQTT/HTTP apis in more secure way and deploy it to production level.

Feature includes

  • Installing Node-Red
  • Adding More npm packages to Node-Red itself
  • MQTT Data APIs using Node-Red
  • HTTP (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) Apis using Node-Red
  • Easily managed database connections
  • Securing HTTP with authentication like JWT and other authentication gateways.

2017 May 20 - 16:00
1 h
Lunar Valley
hillhacks 2017
Conference 18-21 May