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Insects are incredibly successful as a taxonimic group, and incredibly diverse. Estimates of the number of total insect species are as high as one million - higher than the rest of the whole animal kingdom - and new species are still discovered every day. They're everywhere.

So what has made insects so successful? They've adapted and diversified to fill many many different ecological roles and niches, taking on nearly every specialization you could think of: from predators to sap-suckers to decomposers, some have even become farmers.

We'll take a walk through the insect family tree, to get a broad overview of how different species relate to each other, and what were the critical innovations that caused each group to flourish.

I'll also talk a bit about insect anatomy and life cycles, tell some of my favorite insect stories and weird facts, and talk about how anyone can contribute to the scientific study of insects.

2017 May 19 - 21:30
1 h
hillhacks 2017
Conference 18-21 May