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I'm a software designer cum engineer, presently working for tech startup based in Chennai. Also a DJ, photographer and an amateur musician. Love travelling on motorcycles and creating stories about it. I've also topped a national level travel blogging content to win a superbike. I can play the cajon and the flute (to a certain extent).

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  • Type: Conference
  • Length: 60 minutes
  • Availability: 17 to 20 May
  • Difficulty: Anyone can attend

Time management is a very hard skill to develop, both at an individual level, and at a company level. Just like any organization, our startup went through a phase where it felt like everyone was doing a lot of things, but the outcomes weren’t really matching our expected results. During this period, we did a data driven exercise to find out where’s the company’s employees were spending their time. This included:

  • Using our code hub’s data to understand when people are writing code.
  • Using our Slack communication channels data to understand when people are talking to each other regarding work.
  • Using our calendar meetings data to find out when people are attending meetings.
  • Mashing up all the information to identify key changes to eradicate time that is spent on less important stuff.

Based on all this, we finally arrived at a company wide schedule that promotes different aspects such as creativity, freedom and / or responsibility, depending on the role of an employee. This talk includes a lot of visualisation of the data taken from the different sources that reveals human behaviour. It will also show how real life incidents can be showcased through data to eventually make decisions to change behaviour.

A few example slides are in this deck. Please note this is only a small part of the full presentation. I can’t share the full deck at the moment since it has confidential information. On confirmation of talk, I can tweak it to appeal to the general audience.


I’ll be presenting a deck. Need a Projector + Mac adapter for display.

2017 May 18 - 16:00
1 h
Lunar Valley
hillhacks 2017
Conference 18-21 May