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I'm a software designer cum engineer, presently working for tech startup based in Chennai. Also a DJ, photographer and an amateur musician. Love travelling on motorcycles and creating stories about it. I've also topped a national level travel blogging content to win a superbike. I can play the cajon and the flute (to a certain extent).

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  • Type: Conference (preferable) or Unconference
  • Length: 30 minutes
  • Availability: 17 to 20 May
  • Difficulty: Anyone can attend

Imagine a train journey across India with 500 bright young minds, backed up by solid mentors, with the intent of seeing and learning about social entrepreneurship across “real India”. It’s an annual journey that happens at the end of every year for 2 weeks, starting and ending at Mumbai with a circular route covering 8,000 kms. I was part of this journey in the year 2016-17.

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Key parts of the journey include:

  • Being amongst a large group of vibrant young minds.
  • Visiting role models who’ve made a huge mark in sustainable social entrepreneurship.
  • Learning and practicing business modelling for real India.
  • Making your business idea real.

There’s more details about this trip in this link. As a part of this presentation, I can talk about:

  • The experience of the trip. The different places visited and what we learnt from the visits.
  • What is social entrepreneurship and why is it important?
  • What is Middle India and how its transformation can develop India?


I’ll be presenting a deck. Need a Projector + Mac adapter for display would be appreciate. If that’s not available, I can still work through with a flip chart and markers.

2017 May 20 - 20:30
30 min
hillhacks 2017
Conference 18-21 May