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I am Mentor at a programming Bootcamp based in Bangalore. My interests include Semantic Web, Reputation and Trust Networks, Sustainable Living, Learning Enviroments. I also believe that a Distributed Trust Network is the Killingest of the Killer Apps.

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Same Data shared across apps.

Imagine a web where the data you create on one app be reused by any other app. Where your open social graph allows you to make new connections and get recommendations with no Sign-Ups. Where you decide and control where your data resides and choose who accesses it.

[Solid]( is a W3C proposal spearheaded by Sir Tim Berners Lee, for a new architecture for web apps. In this architecture data resides with the user and can be reused by multiple apps and services.

I believe this has the potential to unleash the power of our data enabling us to draw new insights and make connections never before possible.

In this talk I would like to share an overview of the Solid Architecture and demo my experiments with it.

2017 May 19 - 15:30
30 min
Lunar Valley
hillhacks 2017
Conference 18-21 May