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Srinivas Kodali

from Open Stats

I am a geek, hacker and all things tech working on Intelligent Transportation Systems and Digital technologies for cities. I run a opendata startup called OpenStats to promote open data and standards for transportation in cities. I am into digital activism primarily focusing on security and censorship.

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India is digitising rapidly, the internet has helped bring people together to communicate, learn and grow their businesses. With Digital India programme, the government is building and forcing people to shift towards digital systems through software tools like Aadhaar, eKYC, eSign, DigiLocker, UPI. Promoted as public goods, these systems were build by volunteers from Indian software industry who in turn profit by promoting these tools through for profit startups.

These digital systems powered by Big Data to optimize and improve efficiency of government services are actually "weapons of math destructions" with no fail safes. "Weapons of Math Destruction" is a book by Cathy O'Neil in which she coined the term and describes how math is being mis-used through Big Data and Algorithmic biases to affect daily lives of Americans.

This talk looks into parallels between US and India in how Algorithmic biases and Big Data are affecting daily lives of Indian citizens and why these digital systems are not simply binary systems. It takes real world case studies in India from the existing digital implementations and usages of these products of Digital India.

Recommend reading for the session: Big Data and Governance in India Case Studies by Center for Internet and Society.

2017 May 19 - 14:00
1 h
Lunar Valley
hillhacks 2017
Conference 18-21 May