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LifeMaker is a play space and community for Self Improvement and Beneficial Co-creation, to shape a better Me and a better Earth, for a better present and future.

We are going to submit a session for the same, where we will be presenting the concept, crowdfunding road map and development road map post crowdfunding.

Who is this for? LifeMaker is for those people who want to shape a better future for themselves and the Earth.

What is the founding belief of LifeMaker? All is One. We are part of a connected and infinite web of Life, joined and made by the same thread. The separation between the Me Vs Rest is a perceptual and intellectual illusion. When one discards the filter of separation, one starts to see the Self in everything there is.

What are the goals of co-creation on LifeMaker? * Learning about nature, Self, true desires, how to overcome challenges and achieve goals. About Yoga, science, skills or anything that helps make progress in quality of life. All Human knowledge for Self Development will be available in LifeMaker archive. * Benefiting the ecosystem with love and care, without attachment to the fruits for individual Self. All involved parties must benefit from any co-creation. * Consent ** To do anything only with consent of concerned parties, unless it is done for protection. ** To drop or help drop "me vs other" syndrome from our thoughts ** To learn from, share with and benefit each other as much as we can

In what ways will it help? It will help people Connect to deeper layers of Self - Daily Self Check. See how your life is going, visually, as an aspect tree - in which areas am I doing good, where do I want/need to improve. Identify true goals and set intentions Fulfil goals through guidance from the LifeMaker official resources(meditations, exercises, tools, tips, etc), LifeMaker Spirits (AI) and the LifeMaker community(called #RAM, pronounced as Ashram). Cooperate with and help each other at the #RAM through Smoke Signals of four major categories - #Mind, #Body, #Work and #Relationships, and many sub categories (represented as #tags). Find the right people for right job - Everyone will have a public profile with Karma Score and skill scores, based on feedback by the community. Have an alternate medium of value exchange - Holy Wood. Trust Factor - Karma and Skills Any actions that benefits the ecosystem will increase member's Karma, Skill levels and Holy Wood (the currency). The actions that are destructive or not in line with the World Ethos (WE), will attract negative Karma from the community. To give a feedback requires giving away one Holy Wood from the giver's stock.

Further, we wish to have at least two existing members attesting to the fitness of any new membership in the network.

The mode LifeMaker is going to be run as a non-corporate registered foundation or trust, funded by the network. Eventually it must get decentralised.

Pilot and old wiki -

2017 May 21 - 10:30
1 h
hillhacks 2017
Conference 18-21 May