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As a policy associate with the Centre for Internet and Society sva has been in India for the first time in 2013. In the year of Snowden she organized multiple cryptoparties and is also a member of the cryptoparty-admin-team. Besides she is an active part with one of the oldest hacker associations in the world, the Chaos Computer Club and (co-) founded and mentored various hackspaces.

Among hackers in India she might also be known for her grounding and founding work on and Today sva continues working on the goal to have privacy by default for everyone together with the swiss p≡p foundation. She holds a diploma/master in social/cultural anthropology and computer science from Munich.

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In this talk I'll be going through the years 2005 till 2009: In 2007 the Netherlands stopped the use of Voting Computers in general, followed by the Germans in 2009.

I'll show our strategy and what has happened one after another - this is supposed to be inspiring you to actually get your hands-on the issue in India!

2017 May 19 - 16:30
30 min
Lunar Valley
hillhacks 2017
Conference 18-21 May