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No video of the event yet, sorry!

Puzzled Pint is a casual, social puzzle solving event which happens at bars/pubs on the second Tuesday of every month in multiple cities around the world.

I've been running the Bangalore edition (with fellow hillhacker - Karthik) for the last 3 months and thought it would be a nice event to hold at HH this year. Can't do an official edition, since HH doesn't get the second Tuesday, so I'll be picking an older set.

If you are unsure, spend 5 minutes with this puzzle and see if it intrigues you: sample puzzle image (Hint: You'll need to make a daisy chain)

If you are interested, I'm planning to do this on 22nd/23rd evening depending on the number of people who signup.

This will take roughly 2 hours.

Puzzle Credits: Justin Melvin and Elizabeth French, Seattle, WA

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hillhacks 2018
Unconference (May 18 - 24 & May 28 - 31)
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Yes (Registered: 6/15)