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Dolly Goyal

from User group

I am Dolly Goyal.I have completed my engineering since 2014. I am software engineer and currently I am working on ""Cyberscouts"" projects.

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Cyberscouts is a smart initiative taken by Jaaga to eliminate the gap between technology, teaching, learning and village kids. In cyberscouts program, we the volunteers of Jaaga, go to nearby government schools to teach and play with children. I will demonstrate how we interact with kids in the schools, how children start learning using tablets. I will also show our android application "Jaaga" which we use as an Artificial Intelligence game for children to learn maths. We use a lot of other apps for teaching maths, English, grammars. We have been doing this for a year and the response is tremendous. You can feel the vibe around kids when they really enjoy the learning process. You need a lot of patience when you are dealing with kids and most important is you should never demotivate them. Motivation is the most important part in this whole process. We sometimes bring gift for the kids, to make them feel they are important to us and there learning matters most to us.

15 min
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