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Cherry G. Mathew

kekmobile - design patterns for a mobile hackerspace.
With Anish T. P: Design patterns for a mobile hackerspace.

presented by Cherry G. Mathew

portable desk

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Clean - A Clean Compile to JavaScript

presented by angadgill

A type-inferred, statically typed language with separation of pure and impure functions.

Presented by Santosh Rajan with Angad Gill and Mrinal Purohit

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Indian Financial System Code: Hack and Findinds

presented by Nemo

I've been working at maintaining a public dataset of Banking codes. Learnt a lot of fun things along the way. Short 10 minute talk on lots of fun things:

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Vidya Ramakrishnan

How I learnt web development while building a fun and educational website for my toddler

presented by Vidya Ramakrishnan

This is about my journey of learning web development(HTML, CSS, JS) by building a website( to help teach my toddler in a fun and interactive manner.

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Women and IT Scorecard - India 2017

presented by gunjans

Information Technology has become the flagship industry underlying India’s recent presence on the global stage. Perhaps surprisingly, what is also notable is the relatively high and increasing numbers of women in IT in India in comparison to the small and falling numbers of women in this sector in the Western world. The Women and IT Scorecard - India, for the first time, provides some of the s...


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Dolly Goyal

School Outreach Programme

presented by Dolly Goyal

Cyberscouts is a smart initiative taken by Jaaga to eliminate the gap between technology, teaching, learning and village kids. In cyberscouts program, we the volunteers of Jaaga, go to nearby government schools to teach and play with children. I will demonstrate how we interact with kids in the schools, how children start learning using tablets. I will also show our android application **"Jaag...


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